Kids (birth - 5th)

Equipping kids & building families

Our passion is to create exciting, Bible-driven, interactive environments especially designed for your kids! We partner with families to help children learn about Jesus in a creative and engaging way. FC Kids is the best place for your child to build a Biblical foundation for their life!

Age-Appropriate Teaching

From knee high to tree high

We care about the experience your kids have in church. We offer age-appropriate teaching and activities for kids of all ages.

Young woman holding here daughter.
6 Weeks - 18 Months


FC Kids Nursery is a clean, safe and nurturing environment where your infant will begin to discover who God is through the love and prayer from our volunteers.

18 Months - Kindergarten


FC Kids Preschool is a place where toddlers can begin to build friendships, have fun, and learn about Jesus’ love for them through our creative lessons, games, songs and hands on activities.

Preschool kids doing arts and crafts.
Young woman teaching a group of kids.
1st Grade - 5th Grade


FC Kids is the best place for your elementary aged child to build a biblical foundation for their life through Bible lessons, interactive games, engaging worship songs and small group time. Here they will be given the opportunity to start a life-changing relationship with Jesus and develop into the leaders that God created them to be.

Real Answers For Real Life

Resources For Kids

Read our collection of related resources. Gain wisdom and guidance across a range of topics, providing insight and tools to encourage and equip you on your spiritual journey.

Blended Families

Navigating blended families? Prioritize your marriage, involve both parents, and let God redeem your story. Embrace unity, communication, and faith!

New Parent

Navigate new parenthood with love, community, self-care, asking for help, and prayer. Seek wisdom and direction to thrive and create a joyful family life.

Parenting Elementary Kids

Parent with purpose: be the CEO, disciplinarian, and example. Partner with the church to raise Godly children who thrive in life and follow Christ.

Parenting Teenagers

Empower your teen's future: prioritize church, provide guidance, and discipline with love. Partner with the church to teach values and nurture faith.

Parenting Toddlers

Empower your child's future: Teach them how to think, establish structure, and lead them to own their faith. Create a strong foundation for a lifetime of growth.

Protecting Your Kids From Woke-ism

Equip kids against woke-ism by embracing your parenting role, living out faith, fostering biblical worldview discussions, engaging with culture, and trusting God's plan. Lean on community support.

Single Parent

Thrive as a single parent: lean into the church, prioritize your child's needs, choose good relationships, and model faith. Together, we're stronger!

Teaching Your Kids About Sexuality

Discuss sexuality with kids using God's Truth. Start young, address tech's impact, seek teachable moments, counter misinformation, and continually equip yourself with resources.

Teaching Your Kids To Love The Bible

Instill a love for the Bible in kids by modeling regular reading, narrating engaging stories, memorizing scriptures together, and starting early. Building this foundation fosters lifelong spiritual growth.

Teens & Technology

Combat tech addiction & foster genuine connections: set screen time limits, unplug daily, and dedicate distraction-free time for God. Reclaim your focus!

Where Do My Kids Start With Jesus?

Guide kids towards Jesus by modeling a strong personal relationship with Him, integrating faith into daily life, involving them in church, nurturing their unique spiritual journey, and leading by example with love, patience, and faith. Trust God with the journey.

Upcoming Events

What's coming up

Check out our upcoming events and make sure to join us for one (or all!) of them. We can't wait to see you there!

Mother Daughter Retreat
Oct 11, 2024
Oct 12, 2024

Moms, this intentional time together is an opportunity for you to laugh, listen and connect with your daughter(s.) Take some time away from things that normally distract you and join us at the beautiful Allaso Ranch for a memorable weekend. (Grandmothers and Aunts are welcome).

Have questions about FC Kids?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We can't wait to see your kids in FC Kids!