Single Parent
Single Parent

Single Parent

We are Better Together!

We are with you! As a single parent, you face unique challenges that can be a struggle for any home. There are no perfect parents or ideal situations, but one thing is certain. No matter what we face as a parent, we are better together when we rely on Jesus and team up with the local church! Here are some ways to thrive and overcome:

Lean Into The Church.

Over the years we have heard story after story of single parents for whom the church has filled in the gaps – not only for their child, but even for them. There’s no one that can take the place of a parent, but God uses leaders and programs in the church to help strengthen and grow the next generation unlike anything else on earth.

*Spend time modeling your faith by reading the Bible together and praying.

Keep Your Child’s Best In Mind.

Every parent is called to lay aside his or her own interests for the children. You may still be working through the painful circumstances that led to becoming a solo parent or dealing with an ex-spouse who is a negative influence on your children. Regardless of the emotions your specific circumstances may be causing, you are called to place your child’s needs above your own. Give them as much stability and nurturing as possible, within your limitations. Be assured, the Lord receives your selfless caring as an act of worship to Him because it reflects the spirit of Christ who “made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant” (Philippians 2:7). Also, remember that God never commands us to like or love our parents. However, He does command us to honor our parents. (Deuteronomy 5:16) We must model honoring the other parent by refraining from being openly critical of them to our children. We realize that every situation is different, but as much as you can model honor to your children. It will create a healthy understanding of authority, and as much as it is in your power, you invite peace into the situation.

*Spend time each day reading the daily devotionals on the FC App to give you the strength and vision to serve selflessly.

Choose Good Relationships.

Few people understand the load you carry. You’re likely to be under stress with extra work and the constant demands of parenting. That is why it is important to have healthy Christian friendships that can help you face this emotional maze and make wise decisions through it all. You need to be a part of a community of believers committed to forgiveness, redemption, and growth who can support you as you care for your family. Your children also need the support and modeling of other Christians to give them a vision for their own future home.  

*Find community through our various serving teams, groups, classes and seminars.

Model Your Faith.

God can make your next chapter better than the last. You are not a second-class parent. You are the God-appointed parent that He said aside from the beginning of time to be the caretaker of your children. The goal is the same for you as it is for other families—to nurture a Christian faith and build biblical values into your children. That means becoming intentional about modeling a solid relationship with the Lord and living out your faith in front of them. Remember, your kids see the way you conduct yourself through the ups and downs of life, and as you honor God, they will learn how to react during difficult times of their own. Jesus is eager to give you the grace to thrive and be the parent your child needs you to be.

*Partner with the church by having your kids involved in FC Kids and The Mix.