Protecting Your Kids From Woke-ism
Protecting Your Kids From Woke-ism

Protecting Your Kids From Woke-ism

"In the way of righteousness is life, and in its pathway, there is no death." Proverbs 12:28

In today's fast-paced and shifting cultural environment, it is crucial that we equip our children with a God-centric worldview. Here are actionable steps to guide them through the idea of woke-ism:

Embrace Your Role as a Parent

Your primary duty is not only to provide and care for your children, but to guide and shape them to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:4-5). As a parent, you're like a shepherd, protecting and leading your flock, rather than simply being a companion.

Take Action: Pray for wisdom, discernment, and patience in your parenting journey, asking God for guidance in leading your children according to his will.

Live Out Your Faith

It's not enough to tell your children about God and his teachings. Your actions and choices are the most powerful testament to your faith. Be a model of God's love in all you say and do, inspiring your children through actions rather than words alone.

Take Action: Make daily Bible reading and prayer a visible part of your routine, demonstrating your commitment to God. Be open with your kids about your faith, showing them how it guides your decisions, actions, and even reactions in daily life.

Foster Conversations Around a Biblical Worldview

Engage with your kids about their experiences, thoughts, and emotions, helping them understand how they can filter these through Scripture and their identity as children of God. Make biblical truth, wisdom, and love the compass by which they navigate the world.

Take Action: Create a safe space for open and honest discussions. Encourage them to share their thoughts, feelings, and questions without fear of judgment. Use these conversations as opportunities to share biblical principles, reinforcing the application of these truths in their everyday life.

Engage with the Culture

Our children are not only part of our families, but also members of a broader community and society. Be involved in your child's school and local community, advocating for biblical values and using your influence to shape these environments positively.

Take Action: Volunteer at school events, meet with teachers, and express your family's values. Encourage dialogue with local community leaders about creating a culture that aligns with biblical principles.

Trust in God's Plan

Parenting is full of moments of joy, but it can also bring moments of fear, worry, and uncertainty. It's essential to hold fast to your faith, stand firm on your convictions, and trust that God is at work in your children's lives, even when you cannot see it.

Take Action: Make a habit of entrusting your children to God's care through prayer. Affirm your trust in his goodness and faithfulness. When facing challenges, share with your children how you're relying on God's wisdom and strength, teaching them, by example, to trust God's plan.

While the challenge of equipping your children to navigate the cultural tide of woke-ism can be daunting, remember that you're not alone. Fellowship Church is here for you. That’s why we have FC Kids and The Mix to help instill this biblical worldview. As you model a Christ-centered life and reinforce biblical principles, you're providing them with the best compass to navigate the world. And above all, trust that God is with you every step of the way, offering wisdom, strength, and guidance.