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One Night
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September 13, 2023
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Sep 13, 2023
7:00 pm

One Night

Fellowship Church - Campus

Fellowship Church - Campus

Grapevine • Frisco • Dallas • Fort Worth

What if we told you, you could have one of the best nights of your life at Church?! It’s possible, just make sure you come to ONE NIGHT! This power packed night has everything you could dream of. Free t-shirts to all first time guests and bringers, amazing music, huge giveaways, and a welcoming environment to meet friends you can do life with! Make plans to be at ONE NIGHT on Sept 13, 2023!

Where is One Night?

One Night is taking place at each Fellowship Church location! Grapevine, Frisco, Dallas and Fort Worth.

How does my student get the free shirt?

All first time guest and bringers take home this shirt! We will have a shirt area in the atrium at each campus where they can go to pick up their shirt for bringing a new friend, or coming to the Mix for the first time.

What are the giveaways?

The three students across all campuses who bring the most new friends to One Night will get to choose from one of these giveaways!

  1. $500 to StockX
  2. Nintendo Switch
  3. Golden Goose Sneakers

Does my student need to bring money?

One Night does not cost and you do not need to sign up to attend! We will have Food Trucks at each location if your student would like to bring money for that.

The Mix Color Clash FAQ

What is The Mix Color Clash?

We believe the best place for youth to be on a Wednesday night is at The Mix where young people can be encouraged, find community, and have an absolute blast in church. Color Clash is a free event for 6th – 12th graders hosted by The Mix, the youth ministry of Fellowship Church. All campuses are gathering in Grapevine to hear a creative, compelling, and Biblical message from our Pastor, Ed Young. We’ll end the night with the most epic paint war DFW has ever seen!

Where do I drop my student off?

Color Clash is at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. All FC campuses are gathering in Grapevine for this event. You can drop off your student outside the main entrance. You’ll see volunteers, flags, and check-in tents. 

You do not need to check-in with your student, but you are more than welcome to visit our Parent Check-in Area if you have any questions or would like to stay for the event. 

Where do I pick up my student?

Pick-up will be around the left side of the main building. There will be volunteers to help direct you and you’ll receive a Pick-Up Map when you drop off your student as a reminder. 

Can I watch the event?

Absolutely! If you’d like to stay the entire night, you’ll check-in at the Parent Check-in tent outside the main entrance. You’ll sit with a volunteer Parent Host in the worship center where you can be a part of The Mix program which includes worship and a message. Then, the Parent Host will walk with you outside to watch the Color Clash. 

If you’d just like to watch the Color Clash portion of the night, you can come up to the Parent Zone area. This will be where you pick your students up for Color Clash, right next to the Color Clash field. There will be volunteers here if you have any questions. We ask that parents and visitors please stay within this area throughout the event. 

When does it start and end?

The Mix Color Clash is from 7-9pm on Wednesday, March 29. 

Do I need to bring cleaning supplies?

You can bring cleaning supplies to help with clean-up before students get in your car if you’d like! We will be providing baby wipes to clean faces and arms, car mats to go under shoes in the car, trash bags to sit on and we’ll have a water hose for any big clean-up needs!

Will the paint dye the clothes? 

The paint will leave a little color after the clothes are washed. Youth love to have a keepsake from the event. We’ll be selling Color Clash shirts at The Mix on Wednesday nights beginning March 8 for $5. You can purchase a shirt to wear before the night to invite friends, and to wear to Color Clash to get paint on! Otherwise, wear white and come ready for a good time.

Will they need to bring a change of clothes?

Students do not need to bring a change of clothes. Once we go outside for Color Clash, we will not have youth go back inside the building. 

Is there bussing?

All students will check-in at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. There are not busses from other locations for this event.

Should my student bring anything?

We’ve learned over the years some students like to bring their phone/keys in a Ziploc bag. 

There will be food trucks (Tiny House Burgers, Baked Bear Ice Cream, and Bomb Tacos Food Truck) with items available for purchase. Your student can bring money for a Color Clash snack if they’d like! 

How much does it cost? 

Color Clash is a free event at The Mix. All 6th – 12th graders are welcome and encouraged to join!