Daily Reading & Prayer

Zeal for the Lord

June 17, 2021


2 Chronicles 21:8-22:72 Kings 8:23-10:312 Kings 10:16, “Then he said, ‘Come with me, and see my zeal for the LORD.’ So they had him ride in his chariot.”


Have you ever felt really impassioned over a certain activity? Maybe you live for hitting the links on the golf course. Perhaps you love trying out new recipes. Whatever it is, we are all passionate about something. But what about God? Does He drive your heart’s desires?In today’s reading, we find one of the most impassioned kings of ancient Israel, Jehu. In his own words, he had great zeal for the Lord. But within his zealous reign, he failed to keep his pride in check. God used him to take out the former (and evil) king’s family, including the notoriously wicked Jezebel. He acted swiftly and obeyed God, denying his own safety and comfort. But within his zeal, he seemed most passionate about confrontation and violence. That was what truly drove his heart. Then he bragged, as we see in the passage above, for others to “Come and see his zeal for God.” Here is where the lesson lies: zeal for the Lord is great, but not when we put it on display with the intent to be congratulated by others.So, again, how is your zeal for the Lord? Are you passionate about displaying His love towards others? Are you driven to serve Him and walk in obedience to His commands? If so, GREAT! Just be watchful that your motives are sincere in making His name known and bringing Him the glory He deserves.



Lord, Use me to make Your name known. Nudge my heart if pride and ego get in the way. I am passionate about serving You — not for my glory, but Yours. Amen.

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