Daily Reading & Prayer

Why Am I Here

June 8, 2023


Isaiah 43:7“…everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”


Does God ever look in a mirror? Women look in a mirror 16 times a day, But the average man gazes at his image 23 times a day! Mirrors are everywhere – in our cars, our homes, our offices. We are placed on this planet to be an image, a mirror, of the majesty of God. Our meaning in life, the big reason why we are here, is to reflect the glory of God.

When we reflect Jesus through our choices, our words, our attitudes, our motives, and our actions, we are mirrors of his character. We will glorify him. However, when we are irritable, impatient, selfish, and prideful, then we are giving the cracked-mirror-looking-glass version of our Savior.

Each day we get to choose whether our words and actions reflect the love of Christ or something less. We can bring glory to God with everything we say and do, or dishonor him through selfishness, pride and sin. God placed us on this earth to reflect his light, to bring joy and hope to all we meet. We were made to worship him through obedience and faithfulness. When people see us, God wants them to see Jesus. We are mirrors, reflections of the divine.

Last question, does God look into a mirror? Yes he does. That mirror happens to be you and me.


Every moment of every day there’s a reason to give glory to God, to worship God. We were made to give him glory. Today, make the choice to reflect Jesus in every way. 


God, thank you for the privilege of glorifying you. I get to reflect you in who I am and what I do. Help me to honor you and reflect who you are. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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