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May 23, 2024
Psalm 37:7 “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”


Does anyone actually enjoy waiting? It’s a common feeling, and yet, there’s something profound about it that’s often overlooked. Isaiah 40:31 offers us this insight: “Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength.” Think about it—waiting is a theme that stretches across the entire Bible. From Sarah’s longing for a child to Noah anticipating the flood; from Joseph enduring the confines of a prison to David’s patience before becoming king. Even Jesus took 30 years to start his ministry. Then there’s Martha and Mary who clung to hope for the resurrection, and the disciples who waited eagerly for the Holy Spirit. These stories aren’t just ancient texts; they show us that waiting is woven into the very fabric of faith.

But here’s an interesting twist: the word “wait” in the Bible, in Hebrew, is quavah, which means to plait or braid. It’s far from a passive act; it's about intertwining our lives with God’s. Imagine that—through our daily ups and downs, our struggles and triumphs, we can lean into God, pressing into his wisdom. This isn’t about sitting idly by; it’s about actively engaging our lives with his, which strengthens and enriches our bond with Jesus.

So, when we talk about waiting on the Lord, it’s not merely about passing time. It’s about allowing our lives to become so closely tied to Jesus that our choices naturally align with his will. This kind of waiting strengthens us, not just spiritually, but in every aspect of our lives. It turns a seemingly passive wait into a period of powerful spiritual growth and active faith. It’s not just waiting; it’s growing, learning, and becoming stronger together with God.


Consider what actions you can take in your period of waiting. This could be serving others by joining a serve team, deepening relationships in a group, or being faithful in quiet time with God. These actions are a way to practice active waiting, where you’re not just passing time, but you’re being productive and aligning your life with God’s purposes.


Jesus, you remind me that you will give me strength as I wait on you. Teach me to wait with patience and expectancy. Help me to trust your timing. Guide my thoughts and actions so I don’t get ahead of your plans and purposes for my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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