Daily Reading & Prayer

The Security of Eternity

March 7, 2022


“He has also set eternity in the hearts of men….” Ecclesiastes 3:11


The Bible tells us that everyone has at least a cursory understanding of eternity. As we read in today’s verse, the reality that we will live forever is understood by every single person. That’s why some of our favorite stories are those that end with “happily ever after.” We sense that there is something more than just what we are experiencing here and now.

God wants us to experience that forever life with Him in heaven. That’s why He did the work that needed to be done to secure that eternity. On the cross, Jesus paid the price that none of us could pay and restored the relationship that none of us could heal on our own. We can have a relationship with God because of Him!

As you think about your eternity, do you know where you will spend it? There can only be one of two answers: Heaven or Hell. Don’t go another day without having that answer set. You can accept the gift of eternal life through Christ today, and help others to do the same!


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Lord, Thank You for securing my place in Heaven. Please give me opportunities to tell others about this amazing gift. Open their eyes to Your love. Amen.

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