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The Deadliness of Disbelief

May 27, 2020


Psalm 78:11, 19, 22; “They forgot what God had done — the great wonders He had shown them … They even spoke against God Himself, saying that God can’t give us food in the wilderness … for they did not believe God or trust Him to care for them.”Proverbs 2:8, “He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to Him.”


What might keep you from experiencing God’s new normal for your life? It’s the same thing that kept an entire generation of the children of Israel from experiencing their new normal, the Promise Land. It was the deadliness of disbelief. They completely forgot what God had done for them in the past and, therefore, refused to believe what He wanted to do in their present.Here is an enduring spiritual truth to remember: insignificant moments of unchecked disbelief can quietly grow into significant times of undoing disaster. Disbelief is a lack of trust, a lack of confidence. It is a deliberate decision that says, “I hear what You’re saying, God, and I choose not to believe it. I will do what I think is best contrary to what You say is right.” This mindset never ends well.The Old Testament reveals that the children of Israel had endless cycles of unchecked disbelief, which always brought great trouble. They lived the axiom: “The only thing we’ve learned from history is that we have not learned from history.” Let’s not repeat the mistakes of previous generations. When the disbelief of God enters the living room of your mind, quickly show it the door.


In what areas of your life have you allowed the disbelief of God to go unchecked? Say them out loud. Now tell them they are no longer welcome to occupy space in your mind. Show them the door!


Dear God, forgive me for not believing that You care for every single layer of my life. Fan my smoldering spark of faith into a burning and consuming fire that will always trust You and drive out the darkness of disbelief. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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