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Solomon's Secret for Contentment

November 30, 2023


Ecclesiastes 6:6-7 “…even if he lives a thousand years twice over but fails to enjoy his prosperity. Do not all go to the same place? Everyone’s toil is for their mouth, yet their appetite is never satisfied.”

Ecclesiastes 6:9 “Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless—like chasing the wind.”


What if you could find enjoyment in what you have right now? Solomon, despite possessing wealth, fame, women, children, and property, didn't experience contentment.

Why does someone with all these riches not find happiness, and let contentment elude them? The answer lies in the verse seven: "All a person's efforts are for their own desires, yet those desires are insatiable." Despite receiving gifts, wealth, honor, and riches from God, Solomon's appetite remained unsatisfied. He continually craved more, deliberately choosing not to enjoy his current state.

Solomon's key to contentment is not acquiring more, but wanting and appreciating what you already have. While setting goals is valuable, true contentment comes from mastering or surrendering your insatiable desires, not from accumulating more possessions. Solomon recognized that chasing possessions was pointless. It is when we surrender our goals to Jesus, surrender our desires to his plans, that he will bless what we have. When we focus on him and his purposes, we become content.


As we begin the chaotic holiday rush, let's release the desire to hold on to materialism. As we seek to minimize our attachment to material things, we can focus on the richness of our relationships and experiences, and place Jesus at the center of our lives.


Jesus, I realize it is not about acquiring more, it is about enjoying what I have and making the most of the opportunities you have given to me. Help me embrace the art of contentment and make a conscious effort to be grateful in every circumstance. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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