Daily Reading & Prayer

Sheba's Revolt

April 30, 2021


2 Samuel 19:31-21:22Psalm 71 Chronicles 20:4-8


2 Samuel 20:2, “So all the men of Israel deserted David to follow Sheba son of Bikri. But the men of Judah stayed by their king all the way from the Jordan to Jerusalem.”Do you ever feel like one thing after another continues to go wrong? David probably felt that way when, shortly after stopping a rebellion led by his own son, he faced yet another troublemaker stirring up malcontent. Sheba, from the tribe of Benjamin, incited the Israelites to revolt against King David, and all but the men of Judah deserted him.That would be pretty disheartening for any leader. After all, one loyal Israelite tribe out of twelve isn’t the best odds. But God put David in his position of authority, and no human rebellion could ever move the hand of the Almighty. The revolt was eventually put to rest, and King David continued to reign.There are several lessons we can learn from this story. On one hand, we are like David. When all others seem to abandon us, we should stand firm, knowing that God is with us and trusting in Him to turn things out for His perfect will. On the other hand, David is a picture of God, and we must decide if we will be like the men of Judah or all the other Israelites that flocked to the false calls of the latest charismatic leader. But no matter how you apply it, “trust in God” is what always sees us through!



God, I put my trust in You. Thank You for never abandoning me, even if others do. Lord, keep my heart always true to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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