Daily Reading & Prayer

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

March 15, 2021


Deuteronomy 10:1-12:32


Deuteronomy 11:4, 7, “They didn’t see what the Lord did to the armies of Egypt and their horses and chariots — how He drowned them in the Red Sea as they were chasing you. He destroyed them, and they have not recovered to this very day. … But you have seen the Lord perform all these mighty deeds with your own eyes.” “Seeing isn’t always believing; believing is seeing.” You may have heard this line before in a famous Christmas movie. Although it is about Santa and the North Pole, it can also be applied to us as Christ-followers, because seeing isn’t always believing.In today’s reading, God instructs Moses to remind the next generation of Israel of the love and obedience that He desires. God also refers to some specific times when He provided for and delivered His people. Yet, repeatedly, they failed to glorify Him for all He’d done. They saw God do many miraculous things, but their faith still lacked. Seeing isn’t always believing.Have there been times in your life when you’ve been like the Israelites? God showed up for you over and over, but you failed to recognize it? Now, you probably won’t ever see God part a big sea or open the earth to swallow people, but God is still working in your life to do mighty things. So, make a daily choice to ask Him to open your eyes to what He is doing. Choose to believe, glorify, and place your faith in Him! You may not always see it but seeing isn’t always believing. Believing is seeing!



Dear God, Thank You for all You do in my life. Open my eyes to the mighty things You have done and are doing for me! I want to glorify and place my faith in You even when I cannot see what You’re doing. Amen.

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