Daily Reading & Prayer

Rate Your "R"

November 14, 2021


Galatians 3:24-6:18Acts 15:1-21Galatians 6:5, “You must each accept the responsibilities that are yours.”


“Hardworking, honest, flexible, energetic, skilled.” These words are tirelessly used on job resumes — but they’re often just filler words everyone uses. In fact, if you Google “words to describe yourself on a resume,” they’re the first to appear. But there’s another word prospective employees are truly trying to relay to describe their ability to carry out tasks to the end, no matter what. It’s the “R” word — Responsible. So, how would you rate your “R” factor on a scale of 1-10, with one being completely irresponsible and ten being 100% always on the ball?Sadly, people often avoid owning their responsibilities — either it’s too overwhelming or requires too much effort. They try to push their work onto someone else, find others to blame, or they simply don’t show up for the task! Being responsible is all about taking ownership, making the right choices, jumping on the opportunities given us, and seeing them through to the end.Jesus Himself modeled responsibility during His earthly ministry. His disciples shared the workload, but, ultimately, He owned the outcome. He even willingly accepted the responsibility of dying on the cross. Imagine the weight of that task and where we would be had Jesus decided against completing the redemptive work that only He could do for our salvation.Like Jesus, we, too, have tasks and assignments within our families, church, and community that only we can do! When we avoid responsibility, we miss out on the blessing, as do countless others. So, right now, is there something you’ve been putting off or avoiding that needs to be done? If so, do it! Just think of the rewarding feeling you’ll experience when you can stamp it “complete” and enjoy the fruits of your labor!



Lord, Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibilities You’ve given me. Help me to own the tasks before me each day and follow the example set by Christ in everything I do. Amen!

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