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Pilgrims’ Perspective

November 22, 2022


Psalm 118:1, "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;his love endures forever.Let Israel say:“His love endures forever.”Let the house of Aaron say:“His love endures forever."

1 Chronicles 16:34, "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."


In the fall of 1620 the Pilgrims set sail for Virginia with 102 passengers on board. They landed in Massachusetts on December 16, far north of their intended destination, just as winter was setting in. Winter brought bitter weather and rampant sickness. Food was scarce, and people were dying. That winter all but three families had dug graves to bury a husband, wife, or child. By the spring of 1621, half of the Pilgrims had died of starvation and disease. And yet in the midst of these tragedies they chose to give thanks. They saw in the Bible that the Israelites had thanked God in all circumstances. Even before provision and deliverance came, the Israelites were instructed to give thanks. (2 Chronicles 20)

The Pilgrims and the Israelites chose to be grateful for what they had, rather than focus on all they lost. They HAD to look for blessings, actively and deliberately. Their gratitude was based on a steadfast trust that God was true.


Write three things that you are grateful for today. Tell someone!


God help me to focus my life on what I have been given, rather than what is missing. Help me look at my life with the lens of gratefulness. God build my faith.

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