Daily Reading & Prayer

Peace in His Presence

January 12, 2021


Genesis 37:1-38:30


Genesis 39:2, “The LORD was with Joseph so that he prospered…” It can be difficult to find peace amid a global pandemic and ongoing political polarization, let alone the difficulties we face in our everyday lives. Problems can amass with crushing force, and it can be easy to become disheartened.Joseph, too, faced unimaginable hardships. Betrayed by his family; stripped of his former life, possessions, and all that was familiar to him to be sold into slavery, he had more than enough reasons to languish or grow despondent. But Joseph prospered. Why? Because the Lord was with him. And he never forgot that fact.Rather than focusing on the problem before us, we should instead look to the One who has the power to overcome. With the Lord, we find peace. With the Lord, we find prosperity. With the Lord, we find the courage to take each day one at a time and entrust all to His loving care.



Lord, I want to live each day with You. I surrender all my problems and worries to You. Thank You for Your faithfulness, for Your constancy amid trials. You are my source of hope! Amen.

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