Daily Reading & Prayer

Never Have I Ever

January 30, 2021


Job 38:1-40:5


Job 38:4, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you know so much.”Have you ever played the game “Never Have I Ever?” The objective is to be the last player standing after a series of questions. If you “have” then you’re out.Let’s play! But, with a slight twist. If your answer is “yes,” you’re in, and if your answer is “no,” you’re out! Have you ever:• Directed the movement of the stars?• Told the wind which way to blow and lightning where to strike?• Kept the sea inside its boundaries?God literally challenged Job with such questions. Was God trying to show off or impress him? No! God was revealing His ultimate authority and power. He was saying, “I’m God and you’re not.” Why, then, do we have such a hard time keeping Him in His rightful place? Do we really think we can outplay God in the game of life?When we approach God in surrender and acknowledge His right to rule, we will be living out our purpose. As we do, we'll experience joy and fulfillment. And never will we ever be disappointed with all God has to offer.



Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for being You! I praise Your name and wonderful works. Help me to approach life in a state of surrender to live out Your will and Your way instead of my own. And may I glorify You in all I do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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