Daily Reading & Prayer

Matthew 14

June 16, 2024

Read: Matthew 14

Matthew 14:22 “Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd.”


Even when Christ sends us out, we might still run into storms. The disciples experienced this firsthand; their Master sent them across the sea, and a tremendous storm arose. We shouldn't expect that just because we're following Christ, everything will be smooth sailing. When we encounter obstacles and challenges, it doesn't mean we're on the wrong path. Instead, these difficulties might be there to strengthen our faith.

Jesus sent his disciples out alone, and though that night was terrifying, it ended up being one of their most spiritually enriching experiences. They realized their deep need for Christ like never before and saw his power and glory when he walked on water to reach them. Sometimes, it’s in our darkest moments, when we feel alone and desperate, that we truly understand our need for him. These times teach us lessons we could never learn if things were easy and calm, but storms remind us how much we depend on his presence.

Did Jesus know the storm was coming? Yes. Did he send them into it on purpose? Absolutely. This wasn’t reckless, like telling a child to cross a street with oncoming traffic. It was more like creating waves in a bathtub with one hand while holding a toy boat steady with the other. Typically, we avoid storms, just like pilots steer clear of turbulent weather. But sometimes, storms protect us from greater dangers.

After Jesus performed the miracle of feeding five thousand people, the crowd wanted to make him king by force. To protect his disciples from getting caught up in this misguided plan, Jesus sent them across the Sea of Galilee and retreated to pray. As the storm raged, it actually kept the disciples from being swept up in a movement that wasn’t part of God’s plan. The storm they feared turned out to be a divine safeguard. In our lives, too, protecting storms can keep us from pride and mistakes, reminding us that God’s plans for us are always rooted in his love and purpose for our lives.


Are you facing a difficult time? Intentionally seek God's presence through prayer, worship, and reading Scripture. Remember that Jesus comes to us even in the darkest storms, just as he did for the disciples.


Heavenly father, even when I face storms and challenges, I trust that you are with me, guiding me. Give me wisdom to see your hand at work, even in the storms. Teach me to trust you and walk toward you even when I can’t see clearly. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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