Daily Reading & Prayer


October 6, 2022


Psalm 127:3, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.”


Children are an amazing gift from God, never to be taken for granted. And because they are such a blessing, it's our responsibility to raise them in His light and by His instructions. When thought about from this perspective, parenting is a daunting responsibility! But don’t let it overwhelm you. God has given you the tools needed to win at parenting!

Here is an acrostic to help us remember the winning strategy. It’s about the K.I.D.S.:

Grounded Knowledge – Know God’s Word. And as you teach it to your children, live it out in front of them and partner with the church to help reinforce it.

Intentional Intimacy – Don’t let the K.I.D.S. acrostic become “Keeping Intimacy at a Distance Successfully.” Be intentional about taking time to be alone with your spouse.

Consistent Discipline – Be united as parents when it comes to discipline. Talk about it before the need arises. Remember that discipline should be used to help your children choose God’s best.

Strategic Structure – Set your priorities: God – Marriage – Family – Work. Strategically structure your time to make sure your commitments reflect your priorities.

In the end, you must choose to make these practices a part of your everyday life. And your decision to teach your children about a relationship with God should supersede everything. Be a winner at parenting and put K.I.D.S. to work in your family.


As you study the Bible, allow the Bible to study you. Spend a few moments reflecting on what you read today and answer the question: “How can I live this out?”


Lord, thank You for the Bible. Help me to understand its relevance and apply it in every aspect of my life. Show me what I need to see and reveal to me the true condition of my heart as I seek to serve You faithfully and bring glory to Your name. Amen

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