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Is There No God in Israel?

June 14, 2021


2 Kings 1:1-18, 3:1-27, & 8:16-222 Chronicles 20:31-21:71 Kings 22:41-50

1 Kinga 1:16, "He told the king, 'This is what the LORD says: Is it because there is no God in Israel for you to consult that you have sent messengers to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Because you have done this, you will never leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!'"


It’s said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Like father like son, King Ahab was dead, his successor, Ahaziah, involved in pagan worship. After a mere three-year reign, he fell through the lattice of his upper room and sustained a life-threatening injury. On the brink of death, could he recover? This, only God could know. But who’s advice did he seek — even after all that had been proven about the one true God of Israel during his dad’s reign? He wanted the opinion of a false, pagan god.

Enter Elijah, the true prophet of the Almighty God, with a message for him through his advisors. He said, “Is there no God in Israel to answer this question of life and death?” He would not survive. This set the bed-ridden king on edge. He wanted a meeting with Elijah ASAP. But Elijah was already back atop a mountain. So, Ahaziah commanded a captain and his men to confront the prophet three times. The first two times, Elijah asked the soldiers the same rhetorical question. And both times, even though acknowledged as a man of God, the soldiers met their immediate demise for succumbing to the lordship of a wayward king as Elijah called down fire from heaven. The third captain and his men, however, survived. Why? They humbled themselves and bowed to the One true king of Israel. They understood the King of king’s lordship and survived. And ultimately, the answer to the king? He would die… just like dad. Again, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

What can we glean from this? When we seek life and death answers apart from God, if we don’t know where we’re heading the moment this life ends, it’s a major cause for concern. The only answer is Jesus. Through Him, we own the key to life. He is our Lord and Savior — only He knows the amount of time we have left. So, choose life! Choose Christ, choose life!



Heavenly Father, I seek Your opinion above all. I know You, alone, hold the keys to life and death. From You alone, I will seek answers. Amen.

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