Daily Reading & Prayer

In One Out the Other

September 5, 2021


Ezekiel 44:1-46:24Ezekiel 46:9, “But when the people come in through the north gateway to worship the Lord during the religious festivals, they must leave by the south gateway. And those who entered through the south gateway must leave by the north gateway. They must never leave by the same gateway they came in, but must always use the opposite gateway.”


Have you ever heard someone describe a poor listener by saying, “It just goes in one ear and out the other”? This isn’t something we want to have happen as we hear a teaching on God’s Word. Why? Because Scripture is God-breathed and transformative. It’s not merely to be heard or read but also applied. It’s meant to orchestrate change within our hearts.God gave Ezekiel numerous instructions to relay to His people for worship in the new temple. After suddenly being overcome by God’s presence, he was told to “look and listen” to God’s specifications for various worship procedures — one of which was for when hundreds of people gathered for feasts and festivals. The worshipers were to never leave the temple by the same door they entered; they had to exit in the opposite direction — they had to go “in one door and out the other.”Why did this matter? Think of it like this: When we gather for worship, we should be present and actively engaged so that we gain from the experience. This set of instructions paints a picture for us. God doesn’t want us to leave the same way we came. He wants us to exit a different way — with renewed hearts, a refreshed spirit of obedience, and a willingness to share His love with others throughout the week. How great is that!



Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your constant presence and provision. I praise You for transforming my heart and renewing my spirit so that I may leave in a new direction, better than before. Amen.

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