Daily Reading & Prayer

Hope in the Hopeless

January 19, 2021


Job 1:1-4:21


Job 1:22, “In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God.”Have you ever taken a tough exam that you thought you'd fail? Imagine a test in which you lost your wealth, family, and health. That’s the life of Job!In today’s reading, we see Job — a great man of God, blameless and full integrity — seemingly living the perfect life. Little did he know, he was about to enter the darkest moment of his life — and he was going to become a shining example of faith. In a matter of days, he lost all of his children, health, and wealth. All he had left was a wife who told him he should curse God and die. And what did he do? He praised God! In the midst of his grief, he chose to continue to trust in God and follow Him.Maybe you're coming out of a trial, are in the middle of a trial, or entering a trial. Instead of turning your back on God when the pressure escalates, choose to trust that He can work everything (even trials) for His good. God was always in control, even amid Job's hardship, and He had a master plan — even though Job couldn’t see it at the time.Remember, even when things seem hopeless, with Christ, there's always hope!



Dear God, Thank You that even amid my hardships, that You are always in control. Help me trust that You have a plan for my life even when all seems lost. You are my hope when things seem hopeless. Amen.

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