Daily Reading & Prayer

He is LORD

February 22, 2021


Leviticus 17:1-19:37


Leviticus 19:4b, “I am the Lord your God.”In Leviticus 19, God declares that He is the LORD — fifteen times! Why would God declare that He is Lord repeatedly? Surely the Israelites got the picture after the first five times! If you have young children, you already know the answer to that question: He knew they would get distracted! God knows we are often tempted to listen to the world instead of Him, so He is emphasizing the fact that He is God, and God alone, the One who we should follow and obey.God gave the Israelites instructions on how He wanted them to live, and He expected them to respect and obey His commands. He expects His followers to do the same today. He knows how we can experience the best from our lives, and His insistence on us doing things His way is a demonstration of how much He cares for us.Has God lost your attention? Is He repetitively saying, “I am the Lord” through everyday things, but you fail to recognize and follow His instructions for your life? Take a moment today and stop. Ask God to open your eyes to what He wants for You! As His child, set apart for holy living, He wants your respect and trust. And you demonstrate this by obeying Him and living according to His Word.



Dear God, Thank You for giving instructions on how You desire for me to live. Help me to recognize all You are doing in my life each day. Thank You for loving and caring about me! Amen.

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