Daily Reading & Prayer

Good at Looking

October 23, 2022


Philippians 2:3-4, "Value others more than yourselves. None of you should look out just for your own good. Each of you should also look out for the good of others."


People can basically be divided into two general categories. The first is "Mirror People." Mirrors are used to help us look good, and "mirror people" are those who primarily look out for themselves and make decisions on what benefits them the most. God has no problem with us looking good, but He is much more interested in us being good at looking.

God would rather us be "Window People." These are selfless people who are always looking outward, watching for opportunities to serve others.  They put the needs of others above their own. Jesus was the perfect example of a "Window Person," as His whole purpose for coming to earth was to give Himself away. He demonstrated this by dying so that we could live.

Are you more interested in looking at yourself in the mirror or looking out the window to help others? Remember, it's more important to God that you are good at looking instead of good-looking!


Today, begin this godly practice of looking out for others. Try to find one person that you can help. Simply ask if there's anything you can do for them or anything you can pray for. You will be more like Jesus when you do!


God, help me think more of others than I do myself. I want to be more of a "Window Person" than a "Mirror Person". With your guidance, I promise to change my perspective starting today so that I can make a difference in others' lives just like You do for me! Amen.

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