Daily Reading & Prayer

First Comes Love

February 1, 2022


Mark 10:9, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”


“First comes love…” Do you remember your first date? The anticipation, the excitement, the extra time you took to get ready for that special someone? Maybe you thought, “Which outfit should I wear?” “What should I talk about?” There was special intentionality that went into preparing for the date.

“…Then comes marriage.” With things constantly vying for our time and attention (not to mention when kids are added to the mix), the romance and intimacy in marriage often take a back seat. But whatever you did to get them is what you need to do to keep them! Are you planning a date night at least twice a month with your spouse? Do you regularly encourage and compliment them?

“But we can’t afford a date night.”— Who said it has to be a steak dinner? Get creative! Go out for coffee and bring a board game.

“She already knows how I feel.” — It’s always good to hear it again! Your words are powerful!

“My five-year-old just won’t stay in his own bed!” — Who makes the bedtime rules and enforces them? You do!

Take the time and make an effort to be romantic, intentional, and creative. Your investment will pay high dividends!


Look at the calendar with your spouse and schedule at least two date nights for February.


Dear Lord, Thank You for the gift of love and romance. Help me keep a pulse on my priorities each day as I seek to align them with Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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