Daily Reading & Prayer

Don't Get Swept Away!

January 21, 2021


Job 8:1-11:20


Job 10:17, “Your forces come against me wave upon wave.”When you’re drowning in hardships, a heavy workload, or mounting debt, it seems impossible to get a foothold and rise above the waters. Sometimes life gets so complicated it’s overwhelming. We look up and wonder, “Why me?”Job was not only facing great tragedy and loss, but his friends scornfully judged him, adding insult to injury. It’s one of Satan’s favorite ploys. He loves to attack us from all sides. He delights in inflicting shame, betrayal, guilt, and pain through life’s circumstances and other people — even our so-called “friends.” And, if we let him, he will destroy us.But despite the crashing waves of despair, God has provided a way. In a name: Jesus. He’s the only One who can rescue us from death and destruction. When the storm sweeps away everything we are clinging to, the Rock of Ages still remains. He sees us through, and we WILL overcome.



Lord, Help me trust You through the storms of life. It’s not about my comfort but my living testimony. You are God and have a greater purpose. Thank You for being my God and my Rock. Amen.

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