Daily Reading & Prayer

Decide, Then Do

October 21, 2022


2 Chronicles 24:4, “Now it came about after this that Joash decided to restore the house of the Lord.”


Have you ever heard of “Commitment Aversion”? Here is an example. You say, “Let’s make plans…” but never actually make those plans. Or, you RSVP “Yes,” but bail out because something better came up.

We live in a time when many people avoid commitment for fear of missing out on something that could be better. However, they still want it to appear that they are committed. As we learned from today’s Bible verse, Joash wasn’t concerned with just appearing to be committed because he truly was committed. He “decided” to restore the house of the Lord. Then, when it came time to do it, he was ready because he had already decided to follow through.

Do you prefer to keep your options open? Or have you committed to follow through with what God is calling you to do?


Instead of appearing to be committed to God’s House, make a decision that shows you are committed by getting connected! Sign up for one of our many upcoming events on the FC App today!


God, thank You for the example of Joash! Help me to see new ways to be committed to You because I want to truly have a heart for Your house. Now that I have decided to do this, help me to follow through with my commitment. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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