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Convicted, Not Condemned

January 17, 2023


John 3:17, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”


If you are like most people, you can go from being peaceful, loving, and patient to being frustrated, irritated, and out of control in a moment! You can journey from being in a good place with God, and then the family comes in, or the boss comes in and ruins it! You go from listening to worship music to screaming at your kids. You feel like such a failure, so ashamed.

When we find ourselves in these situations, we need to be able to see the difference between conviction and condemnation. Holy Spirit conviction is specific and action-driven, not person-driven. He doesn’t attack the person; He addresses the sin. The Holy Spirit will reveal a sinful attitude or action and lead us to a solution; He will offer steps to change our behaviors. Conviction draws us away from harmful and destructive behavior. His conviction equips us to conquer our past and live victoriously in our present!

Satan, on the other hand, condemns us. He beats us down with our behavior. He brings up the past so we can’t face the future with hope. So, instead of allowing the devil to scream accusations as we lose our patience in the office or in the kitchen, let us guard our hearts and listen to God’s conviction. Let’s follow His lead toward restoration and wholeness.


Listen for the Holy Spirit today and take steps toward Him. Make changes today that will draw you closer to Jesus and make you more like Him.


Lord, strengthen and guard me today. Thank You for Your peace and Your Word that shield and protect me from Satan’s voice of condemnation. Amen.

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