Daily Reading & Prayer

Because You're His!

January 29, 2020


Matthew 6:9, “Our Father who art in heaven…”Psalm 89:26, “David shall cry to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation.’”


In the movie Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear realizes that he's not a space ranger, but a child’s plaything. Disillusioned, Buzz cries, “I’m just a stupid, insignificant toy.” Woody then consoles Buzz with the love of the boy who owns them both. “Look, over in that house, there’s a kid who thinks you’re the greatest, not because you’re a space ranger; it’s because you’re his.”Herein lies the problem with so many when it comes to prayer. Like Buzz, we feel insignificant, especially when it comes to God as Father. For some, our earthly fathers may not have been the best, even negligent or abusive, causing us to have a marred concept of God as Father. How can we pray to our Heavenly Father if we’re not even sure that He cares?What we need is a fresh understanding of God’s fatherly love toward us. We need to know that when we declare Jesus as Lord, we belong to God. Like David, we can call out to God, “Oh my Father, my God, my Protector, and my Provider.” We pray like Jesus, “Our Father who art in heaven.” We call Him “Dad” because we’re His and He loves us!


Write down the ways your earthly father may have affected the way you see God as Father. These ways can be both positive and negative. Then pray through your list and allow God to speak into your heart.


Dear God, I commit my life to Jesus and declare that He is Lord. Help me see how much You love and care for me. Like David, I acknowledge that You are my God and the Rock of my salvation. You are my Heavenly Father. Amen.

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