Daily Reading & Prayer

Age Before Wisdom?

January 28, 2021


Job 32:1-34:37


Job 32:8, “But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.”Some people think wisdom only comes with age. "The older, the wiser," right? It seems to make sense, too; after all, the more you've lived, the more you've learned. But the Bible tells us true wisdom comes from God alone, not the passage of time.The Spirit compelled Elihu to speak. Despite being the youngest and least educated person there, a word of wisdom was put on his heart to remind Job that God is greater. We can’t accuse Him of treating us "unfairly," for He offers a redemption we don’t deserve and a grace we could never earn.Elihu spoke when prompted by the Spirit. Will you do the same? God’s not limited by the physical age of those He chooses to speak through. All He requires is an open heart and a willingness to obey His commands.



Lord, I ask for Your wisdom and guidance. May Your Spirit place words on my heart that they might overflow to others. Amen.

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