Daily Reading & Prayer

A Lion in the Streets!

July 2, 2021


Proverbs 25:1-29:27Proverbs 26:13, “The lazy person claims, ‘There’s a lion on the road! Yes, I’m sure there’s a lion out there!’”


When we don't want to do something, it’s easy to come up with reasons why we can’t do it — a.k.a. make excuses. Some of us have made quite a profession of putting off today what can surely wait until tomorrow… or whenever.Professional procrastinators are best at making ridiculous excuses to avoid work (such as “I’m sure there’s a lion out there!”). They’re also great at coming up with clever reasons not to act:“They didn’t text me back.”“I’m waiting on the rest of the team before I start.”“It’s too cold to go for a run.”“No one else in my family will eat healthy foods with me.”What excuses are you making regarding your health, relationships, work, school, or parenting? Are they holding you back from working in the way God has wired you — with diligence, dignity, and discernment?So how do we pack up and leave the procrastination station? Start with tackling the hardest tasks first! When we do what needs to be done first, we can then enjoy doing what we want to do. Since there’s likely no lion roaming the street where you live, there’s no better time than the present to accomplish some immediate goals. Get started and do the work!



Heavenly Father, Thank You for the gift of work. I know I have tried to avoid it at times. Please search my heart and reveal areas where I have been making excuses for so long that I don’t even realize it. Help me to be goal-oriented and on task so I can experience Your best life. Amen!

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