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A Committed Crew

October 17, 2022


Romans 10:14-15, "But how can people call for help if they don't know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven't heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless someone is sent to do it?"


Dancers spend a great deal of time stretching. Their flexibility allows them to fully extend their arms and legs, gain mobility, and appear to move effortlessly. It's vital for maximum performance. The same is true for us when it comes to our success as a church, the body of Christ.

Flexibility is a biblical concept. Jesus' message never changed as He taught, but His methodology did. And He wants us to follow His lead when reaching lost people, and that's why Fellowship Church is so flexible.

We're always subject to change as we stretch ourselves to be engaging and exciting communicators of the Word of God. Think of it like this. The local church is God's house, His houseboat. Jesus is our Captain, and we are His committed crew. Together, we're a bunch of fellows rowing the ship toward God.

As we remain faithful to our task – regardless of change – and continue to steer the boat in His direction, God will continue to place drowning people in our path. Our situations may change, but the message remains the same: Jesus saves!


How flexible are you? Do some basic stretches and notice areas of muscle stiffness. As you do, consider the areas in which you need to be more flexible regarding God's house. Maybe it's stepping out of your comfort zone and starting to serve. Maybe it's becoming more consistent in your attendance and inviting others to join you. Whatever it is, stretch yourself! There's nothing like being part of a committed crew working together to take the hope of Jesus into uncharted waters.


Thank You, God, for the people who reached out to me when I was drowning. Give me perspective when I'm resistant to change, and convict my heart when I see people in need of You. Nothing is more rewarding than being on Your crew, Jesus. Amen.

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