The Creative Marriage

The Art Of Keeping Your Love Alive

When the dreams fade and the realities of life set in, those magical vows from your wedding day can start to lose their luster. You begin to negotiate the marital maze of budgeting, balancing in-laws, choosing careers, and then you add children to the mix. To top it off, the romantic feelings for each other ebb and flow in the stresses of everyday life. How can we be men and women who consistently and creatively live out our vows after the honeymoon is over? In a culture that tells us it’s ok to quit, it’s time for us to discover what it takes to commit and experience a marriage and love created to last.

The Creative Marriage Book

Our dream is to live happily ever after, but nowadays we can go from “I’m ready” to “I do" to "I'm done,” quicker than ever. In this book Pastor Ed & Lisa Young help us discover God's plan for marriage and what it takes to keep our love alive.

A photo of Pastor Ed & Lisa Young's new book called "The Creative Marriage"

The Creative Marriage Podcast

On this podcast, we're talking about practical ways for your marriage to thrive no matter what life throws your way. Come hang out! We'll talk about real life, marriage highs and lows, & laugh a lot along the way.