Check Your Engine Light

You’re cruising down the highway with the windows down, enjoying the glistening sun and clear blue skies. Blasting your favorite song, you sing along unabashedly, noticing that every passer-by greets you with a friendly wave. “What a perfect day! The driving conditions couldn't possibly be more ideal than...”

Suddenly your voice trails off, and your glee comes to a screeching halt as you see that annoying red dashboard light has appeared: “CHECK ENGINE.”

In this message, Pastor Sam Kelly teaches that emotions are much like your car’s check engine light. Without warning and beyond our control, the light suddenly appears. If we don't address the warning immediately, while the issue is small, we can count on trouble as the situation compounds and damage ensues. The once minor issue has metastasized into a huge problem. Similarly, our emotions strike, and we can't control our feelings – we just feel – but we can control our responses. When we address our emotions in a timely fashion and respond to them in a godly way, we create space for personal growth as we transform more and more into who God created us to be.  Is the check engine light on the dashboard of your soul? Are you due for an emotional tune-up? Address it today! God’s full service garage is always open to diagnose and repair your damaged emotional engine, your heart!