What is InTense?

We have an opportunity to affect the forever of countless lives here and around the world through building the greatest thing in the universe, the Church. “InTense” is a three year financial commitment of all of us at Fellowship Church, over and above, our normal tithe, for the purchase and construction of another main campus in booming Frisco, Texas, updating all of our campuses and Allaso Ranch, and the updating technology and broadcast capabilities at Fellowship Church Grapevine and other campuses.

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Can you remember a time in your past, when you were closer to God than you are in the present? Over the next few weeks Pastor Ed Young will lead us on a journey to becoming spiritually fit. As we get ready for a future where the seemingly impossible is possible! And our lives and faith will never be the same.

Women interacting with each other

Story 1

“This world is crazy...what can I do to help?”
A Mix student named Gabe talked with one of our pastors, asking this question. With some encouragement, Gabe realized his answer. He set out on a goal to invite as many of his friends as he could to Color Clash so that they would experience Jesus! Twenty-eight of his friends showed up to The Mix ready to throw some paint and hear a powerful message. Heaven grew bigger that night as several of Gabe’s friends accepted Christ!

Story 2

Brett and Melanie serve on our FC Kids team at Fellowship Church Fort Worth. You’ll find them every Sunday at the check-in area of our newly remodeled kids’ area, warmly receiving families - many for the first time. They have 6 kids, with their youngest still in FC Kids. They have seen the impact that FC Kids has made on their family, making learning about Jesus and the purpose God has for their kids fun and creative. Getting their family ready and to church early on Sundays is always worth it as they serve Jesus and every family they encounter!

Women interacting with each other