InTense Update

We started this new decade white hot with vision to take new territory through a movement of hope and generosity called the Intense Campaign. Within a few months, due to COVID, the world closed its doors on everything— including the church. And yet, we quickly discovered why Fellowship Church is so essential.

We were one of the first churches in the country to open its doors in response to the emotional, mental, and spiritual crisis that was taking over lives in our communities. Since then, we have seen God meet the needs of people all over the world through our church!

Miraculously, at the beginning of the year, we were able to build a brand-new location, Fellowship Church Frisco! We made necessary improvements to cabins and meeting spaces at Allaso Ranch. We also updated our audio, lighting, and broadcast video infrastructure to help us better serve our multiple campuses, online audience, and television ministry. In addition, we have made updates on all campuses, with an extra emphasis on our FC Kids areas, as we launch out a new generation of world-changers in the years ahead!

Thank you for your generosity,

Here For The Brokenhearted

Cris was going through a divorce right when COVID closed everything down, including the church he was attending. After watching church online for several weeks, he couldn’t do it anymore.

“ I was hurting. For so long I tried to be the perfect dad, husband, son—and it wasn’t enough. I was tired and I couldn’t do it alone anymore. That’s how I found Fellowship Church Frisco. It was the only church in my area that was open when my daughters and I needed it most.”

Cris gave his life to Christ fully, got baptized, started reading his Bible daily, and is now serving and tithing! He went ALL-IN, trusting God with the future of his family, and now he and his daughters are finding the hope and healing they need.  

Nyle The Smile

Nyle hadn’t been to church in several years, but through the pandemic, felt a great need for community. The moment he arrived in the parking lot of Fellowship Church, Nyle was greeted and connected with several others before he even made it to the door! The instant hospitality and connection he experienced led him to want to learn more about Fellowship Church through our Newcomers class, where he committed his life to Christ and decided to get baptized! Nyle is now using his gifts as he serves on our greeting team, impacting others with his inviting, bright smile— just as he was first welcomed!

Half A Dozen Reasons

Bret and Melanie serve on our FC Kids team at Fellowship Church. You’ll find them every Sunday at the check-in area of our newly remodeled kids’ area, warmly receiving families—many for the first time. They have six kids, with their youngest still in FC Kids, and have seen the impact that FC Kids has made on their family, making learning about Jesus and the purpose God has for their kids fun and creative. Getting their family ready and to church early on Sundays is always worth it as they serve Jesus and every family they encounter!