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The Power of His Presence

January 16, 2022


Psalm 16:11, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”


As children, we sought comfort in knowing there was a parent or adult nearby. We didn’t worry about navigating this big world on our own. Most of us felt safer knowing someone older and wiser was directing our course, providing for our needs, and giving us the love and support we needed. This means parents (and other adult influences) are presents because of their presence.God has also given us the present of His presence. Through Jesus, God has placed the presence of the Holy Spirit in us to guide our lives and direct our decisions. Being intentional in our relationship with Christ also impacts our other significant relationships. As we look to Him, He opens our eyes to see from His perspective. Does your marriage or dating relationship reflect His presence in your life? If not, examine what your relationship IS being intentional about. Because for it to thrive, God must be at the center — His presence clearly visible in how you navigate life. Receive and be intentional about tapping into the power of God’s presence that ushers in transcendent joy, supernatural peace, and supreme wisdom. Strive to see things from His perspective and remember, there is power in His Presence!


This week set a reminder each day to pray for your closest relationships. Ask God to guide you and help you intentionally tap into the power of His presence in all aspects of your life.


Dear God, Thank You for the gift of Your Presence. May the power of Your presence shine in my marriage and other significant relationships. Help me to remain obedient to You and model your love to others!

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