Daily Reading & Prayer

Please Remember Me

January 15, 2021


Genesis 40:1-23Genesis 35:8-9Genesis 41:1-57


Genesis 40:14, 23, “And please remember me and do me a favor when things go well for you. Mention me to Pharaoh, so he might let me out of this place. … Pharaoh’s cupbearer, however, forgot all about Joseph, never giving him another thought.”Genesis 41:41, “Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘I hereby put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt.’”Do you ever feel overlooked or forgotten? Maybe you wonder why your talents and abilities go unnoticed by others. Not so with God! He is the One who gifted you uniquely to fulfill His plans and purposes. Sometimes, though, our timing doesn’t align with God’s. Therefore, it’s important to remember that His delays are NOT His denials!So it was with Joseph. After being sold into slavery by his own brothers, he was falsely accused of a crime and thrown in prison. Gifted by God to interpret dreams, he helped two fellow inmates understand what they’d dreamt. When one was released, he asked, “Please remember me.” Yet two years passed, and Joseph was still in the slammer! Finally, his former inmate remembered him and summoned him to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. In God’s timing, he so impressed Pharaoh that he was put second in charge of all of Egypt!As your Creator, God can and will use you to do amazing things. So, be patient because it’ll happen at just the right time!



Heavenly Father, Thank You for gifting me in unique ways. Help me remain patient and remember that Your delays are NOT denials. Your timing is always perfect. Amen.

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