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It's Nice to be Missed!

December 2, 2021


Acts 20:13-21:36Acts 20:32,36-38, "And now I entrust you to God and the message of his grace that is able to build you up and give you an inheritance with all those He has set apart for Himself.” ... When he had finished speaking, he knelt and prayed with them. They all cried as they embraced and kissed him goodbye. They were sad most of all because he had said that they would never see him again. Then they escorted him down to the ship."


Paul knew that trouble awaited him. After three years working tirelessly alongside the Christians in the province of Asia, he was about to set off for Jerusalem, undoubtedly to face all kinds of hardships that might even end in death — but it was a chance he was willing to take for the sake of His Lord and Savior. So, as he and his fellow believers united for this bittersweet farewell party, he was met with long faces and heavy hearts. What could he say to encourage his friends? He said the one thing he could be sure of — that he entrusted them to God, and His grace that would see them through. Because, when all else fails, people leave, and the walls are pressing in from all sides, only God and the hope of Heaven remain.Paul’s pending absence would leave a hole in so many hearts. He would be remembered as a humble and faithful servant who pointed others to Jesus with compassion and conviction.This leaves us to wonder: “How will I be missed, and what kind of legacy will I leave behind?” Whether we’re missed by a few or by the masses, we’ll all be remembered for something. What message is your life sending right now? What do you need to change to live out God’s best and point others to Christ?As you look to the future, remember that in all uncertainty and struggle, God remains. Seek to live a life of humility, compassion, integrity, faith, and service. Do so, and, like Paul, you’ll make an indelible mark on the world around you as your life screams: “It’s all about Jesus!”



Lord Jesus, When all else fails and I’m shaken by uncertainty, You remain. In You, I’m complete and lack nothing. Help me to live each day with a humble, servant’s heart that I may make a difference in this world for You! Amen.

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