Blessing Blockade


Jeremiah 5:25, “Your wrongdoing has turned these blessings away. Your sin has robbed you of good.”


Delayed repentance of sin blocks the blessings that God wants to pour out upon our lives. Because, in order to step into God's blessed place, we must make a faith decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! It’s the absolute greatest decision we can ever make, because God not only wants to bless us with heaven, he wants to bless us here on Earth!Becoming entangled in sin causes us to slowly turn our back on God, and eventually leads to a hardened and unrepentant heart. Today’s verse tells us that when we continue to live in sin we are robbing ourselves of God’s best. Yet when we turn from our sin and towards him, he promises us a life full of joy and adventure — but we first have to seek and submit to his plan and purpose and not our own.Here are some blessings that come alongside a life of repentance…1-Clear Conscience · Romans 8:12-Purpose · Romans 8:283-Power And Strength · Philippians 4:134-Life And Peace · Romans 8:65-Help With Weakness · Romans 8:266-Confidence · Romans 8:317-Fulfillment · Philippians 4:198-Security · Romans 8:399-Freedom · John 8:32,36


Take a moment to write this list of blessings and verses in your journal. For the next nine days, start your morning with a blessing and read the corresponding scripture. Let this be a reminder of how greatly God blesses us when we choose to live for him!


Dear God, thank you for the life you offer to those who accept Jesus and repent. Help me to remain obedient to your Word and live a life pleasing to you. Overwhelmed by your blessings, I will live with a grateful heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen