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Making Good Kids into Great Leaders

Each week kids experience age-appropriate Bible teaching in a fun, loving and exciting environment.

The FC Kids Preschool is an exciting and creative environment we call FC Kids Studios. Designed for toddlers–5 year olds, your child won’t want to miss a week!

The FC Kids Preschool is open during every adult worship service.

Current Series

New Series

Grab your hard hat and clock in for work as you join the factory of Make Things Industries Jr.! The children will join Ethan and Katy as they make toys, assemble gadgets, and create delicious candy. Guiding them in their work is Mr. Michael McThings, the owner and president of Make Things Industries. But Fernando the janitor will do anything to get Ethan and Katy in trouble so he can take their jobs. So come along with us to work as we learn God’s design for life from Bible lessons where people worked hard and made things for others!


Can you change a life in just an hour a week?

FC Kids has many different opportunities for you to put your faith into action. Just take a look at this video and pray about how you can make a difference in the lives of others. Then email fckidspreschool@fellowshipchurch.com and find out how you can volunteer.

First Time Visitors

First time to Fellowship Church?

No worries, we’ll take great care of you at our First Time Guest check-in station located in the Preschool. Follow directions in the parking lot for First Time Guests and you will be directed to easy access parking and helpful greeters to direct you. Our First Impressions team will help get your children checked in and to the right location, so you can enjoy a great worship service knowing your children are having a blast!

Toddlers–5 Years

Toddler Toons

Created to meet the developmental needs of children from the time they begin walking until their second birthday, Toddler Toons is located in the Blue Hallway on the north side of the Preschool building (closest to the parking lot). Children will enjoy age–appropriate toys and preschool–style classrooms as they spend time playing games, singing songs and hearing stories.

Two-Year Olds

Each week overflows with imagination as your child learns about the Bible through games, crafts, age–appropriate Bible lessons and application activities. Your children will meet in the Red Hallway on the north side of the preschool building.

Three, Four and Five-Year Olds

On top of learning about the Bible through games, crafts, age–appropriate Bible lessons and application activities, these children also take part in a curriculum called Elevate Jr. that is designed and produced at Fellowship Church. Your three-year olds will meet in the Green Hallway, four-year olds and five-year olds in the Orange Hallway.

Elevate Jr.

Through interactive video segments and classroom activities, your children are taught lessons from the Bible. Each week children travel to an imaginative world with puppets, animation, songs, drama and group participation. Through Elevate Jr., your child will learn the Bible lesson and discover how it applies in the everyday life of a preschooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the FC Kids Preschool?
The FC Kids Preschool, or FC Kids Studios, is located in a separate building just outside the east doors of the Atrium.
Where is the best place for families with children ages birth-5 years to park?
Preferred parking is reserved for families with children birth through five years. When you enter the parking lot, simply turn on your vehicles hazard lights and the parkers will guide you to a parking space close to your child’s room.
Will my child have the same teacher each week?
Yes. If you attend the same service each weekend, we will do our best to make sure your child attends the same room with the same teacher.
How will you contact me if my child needs me?
If your child becomes inconsolable or unwell, LED display monitors, located on each side of the stage in the worship center, will display your child’s first name and security code. If your child’s name appears on the monitor, please return to the room where you dropped him or her off.
If you would like to see the remaining portion of the worship service, you may take your child to the Family Worship room where a live video feeds into a family-friendly environment.
How does FC Kids keep parents involved in their child’s experience at church?
Each week when you pick up your child, your child’s teacher will hand you a parent flyer. This flyer has a summary of what your child learned during the worship service, as well as some ideas for how to incorporate that week’s lesson into your child’s daily life.
We believe the best way for parents to be involved in what their child is learning is to become a part of the team that teaches that child. Each week, volunteers do everything from greeting families to teaching and leading kids in worship.
How can I volunteer in FC Kids?
There are many positions available where you can serve. These include greeting families, teaching, co-teaching, being a part of one of our construction teams and many more.
For more information on how you can be involved, contact us via email, call us at 972-471-6725 or stop by the Guest Services Kiosk in the atrium during any of our weekend services.
What are the options for children who attend more than one service?
In addition to attending their regular FC Kids Preschool worship service, preschool-age children who attend more than one service a weekend can attend Imagination Station for a high-energy hour of games, crafts and a deeper look into the weekend's Bible story.
Do you provide assistance for children with special needs?
Yes. Your child can be a part of our SideBySide ministry. In this ministry we partner your child with their own trained volunteer and, as a team, they go into the age–appropriate room. For more information or to get involved, please call 972-471-6725.