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Making Good Kids into Great Leaders

Birth - Crawlers

The FC Kids Nursery is a loving and peaceful environment designed to care for and nurture your future leader. Because children learn and develop differently, the FC Kids Nursery is divided by developmental stages rather than age groups. Each environment is designed to meet your child’s needs.

We recommend parents bring a diaper bag and bottle, both labeled with your child's name. Please feel welcome to bring any comfort items your child might have. You will also want to bring a change of clothes for your child just in case it is needed.

The FC Kids Nursery is available during every adult worship service and is located across from the Source Café.

First Time Visitors

First time to Fellowship Church?

No worries, we’ll take great care of you at our First Time Guest check-in station located in the Nursery. Follow directions in the parking lot for First Time Guests and you will be directed to easy access parking and helpful greeters to direct you. Our First Impressions team will help get your children checked in and to the right location, so you can enjoy a great worship service knowing your child is being loved and nurtured!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to start attending the nursery?
Our recommendation is that your child is at least six weeks old prior to bringing him or her to the FC Kids Nursery.
If you would like to attend the adult worship services prior to your child being six weeks old, you are welcome to sit in either of the newborn rooms located in the back of the worship center on the ground level. These rooms are reserved for families with children birth through eight weeks. There is also a Family Worship room available on the second floor, just above the FC Kids Nursery.
Where is the FC Kids Nursery?
The FC Kids Nursery is located just outside the Worship Center, across from The Source.
How will you contact me if my child needs me?
If your child becomes inconsolable or unwell, LED display monitors, located on each side of the stage in the worship center, will display your child’s first name and security code. The monitors are visible from anywhere in the worship center from the tenth row back. If your child’s name appears on the monitor, please return to the room where you dropped him or her off.
If you would like to see the remaining portion of the worship service, you may take your child to the Family Worship room where a live video feeds into a family-friendly environment.
Will my child have the same teacher each week?
Yes. Your child will remain in the same developmental stage and if you attend the same service each weekend, we will do our best to make sure your child attends the same room with the same teacher.
Is there a private area available for nursing mothers?
Yes. Just across from the FC Kids Nursery check-in counter, you will find a quiet area designed specifically for nursing mothers. Inside you will find rocking chairs, a changing table and a live video feed of the main worship service. If you have any other needs, please feel free to see one of the FC Kids Nursery volunteers or staff.
How does FC Kids keep parents involved in their child’s experience at church?
We believe the best way for parents to be involved in what their child is learning is to become a part of the team that teaches your child. Each week, volunteers do everything from greeting families to teaching and leading kids in worship.
How can I volunteer in FC Kids?
There are many positions available where you can serve. These include greeting families, teaching, co-teaching, being a part of one of our construction teams and many more.
For more information on how you can be involved, call us at 972-471-6725 or stop by the Guest Services Kiosk in the atrium during any of our weekend services.
Do you provide assistance for infants with special needs?
Yes. Your child can be a part of the SideBySide ministry. In this ministry, we partner your child with their own trained volunteer and, as a team, they will go into the developmentally appropriate room. For more information or to get involved, please call 972-471-6725.