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Men of the House

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Men of The House

Take a stand

Men of the House at Fellowship Church exists to equip and encourage men to pursue life with God as a "Difference Maker" in the world around them. Get connected into the great life of Fellowship Church.

A man of the house takes a stand:

  • Stands up for his God
  • Stands committed to his family
  • Stands strong in his church
  • Stands out at his work

Want to know what we have for the Woman in your life?

Monthly Gatherings

Men of the House Gatherings

We’re a gathering of artists and accountants, financiers and fishermen, men with dirt under their fingernails and men with manicured fingernails. We come from all walks of life and gather to refuel, inspire and strengthen each other to be a stand out man in a struggling society.

For more information, call Kevin Batista at 972-471-6863 or email kevin.batista@fellowshipchurch.com.

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When you check the vital signs of a truly healthy church, you will discover a growing and thriving volunteer force serving with passion and enthusiasm. Come join one of our volunteer teams so you, too, can be a part of this fun and exciting ministry at Fellowship Church! For more information, call 972-471-6654.