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Note from Ed & Lisa

A Note from Ed & Lisa

Congratulations on your willingness and commitment to join Fellowship Church for this social media fast!

Pastors Ed & Lisa Young

Whenever a fast is recorded in Scripture, it is followed by a season of growth and blessing. And as you will discover over the next week, your commitment to fast will usher in some of the greatest opportunities to take hold of the blessings of God. That is what we are most excited about. And we look forward with anticipation to all of the great things God is going to do in the life of our church and in your life as well. So as we join together as a church family, let's take the next week to prepare ourselves for what God is planning to do in 2014!

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Social Media Fast

Monday we are starting a church-wide social media fast. That means we'll be taking a break from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Fasting is an incredible opportunity for us to pray for breakthroughs in our personal lives, as well as in the lives of our family and church. This week will give us a chance to "Checknology before we Wrecknology" as we focus on God and the people in front of us!

As a church, we are fasting together in order to deepen our relationship with God, as well as get in step with His plan and purpose for us in this coming year.

Remember, the idea is to be realistic, not legalistic. Focus more on the details of connecting with God than the details of the social media fast. And discover the true blessings of fasting!